The Wolf Mountain Winery Drive organized by Mike and Sue Hurst took place on Saturday March the 15th. There were 18 Member participants in 11 Triumphs present for the drive. 2 Stags, 1 TR250, 1 Spitfire, 2 TR4’s and 5 TR6’s. We left out of Starbuck’s at approximately 9:45 under hazy skies. Click on any picture to enlarge.
On the road, the weather was phenomenal and the temperatures remained mild. There was a threat of rain in the forecast but it never materialized having gone south of Atlanta. Some shots of the journey.

We stopped off for a short refresher at a rural fuel station.

Eventually suburbia gave way to country lanes.

After an hour or so we arrived at the Winery where we dined on Chicken Pesto Margherita Pizza, Brisket Sandwiches, Duck and enjoyed some wonderful North Georgia mountain scenery and wine tasting.