Shawn Tarleton whom many of you know as the perennial favorite to receive the GTA Iron Butt award who has logged over 200k miles in his TR6 recently undertook the job of converting his aging TR6 rear-end to a Nissan R200 Limited Slip arrangement with CV axles. Shawn purchased these ‘go-fast’ conversion bits from Richard Good over at Goodparts. The diff came from a local Pull-A-Part.

Using Richard’s kit the swap is fairly straightforward but as Shawn pointed out to me, it did require a little bit of fettling by a machinist to bring the input flange on the Nissan diff into spec with the Triumph driveline.

Shawn has the Toyota 5 speed gearbox conversion as well, so he should have a very reliable driveline and a 5 speed with a LSD is a very streetable machine indeed.

Shawn reports that it is great fun in the twisty bits in the mountains. Enjoy Shawn!