We had a great turnout for The Driving Dead. The weather was absolutely perfect and the morning bluster and chill gave way to nothing but top-down motoring weather. We had a short drivers meeting at Shawn Tarleton’s place where drivers were met by a representatives from the CDC. Lo and behold three Walkers appeared out of nowhere. Bolting into action our first responders met them head on deploying experimental drugs disguised as coffee. Quickly the Walkers took on a more sedate attitude and unbelievably were found capable enough to drive a car. Realizing we needed to get this drive on the road and that the drugs may wear off, we headed to our first destination.

We arrived at the hospital where Rick awoke to find himself in an apocalyptic hell…there was no help for our Zombies there.

Pressing on we headed through west Atlanta. Unfortunately mechanical failure befell a participant’s Opel GT. They were quickly consumed by Zombie hordes or so we assumed…in Top Gear tradition we pressed on. Having lost 3 cars barely 30 minutes into the drive, we stopped in the middle of MLK for some quick calculations. Scott postulated our Zombie formula had worn off. Did Zombie Orr’s lose their cognitive function? What became of Quartarone’s? Only time would tell. We pressed on.

We arrived in downtown to find the city had been abandoned. We were too late to deploy our experimental formula.

A sign? Look for the hidden meaning.

As we surveyed the city, it was radioed in that Orr’s were still alive as well as Quartarone’s! There was much rejoicing. Orr’s after driving in circles eventually found our triage center, Quartarone’s with their ailing GT, headed to a more secure area near Rick and Morgan’s house. Morgan had cleared the area of Zombies and fled. Some residents were still found in the area. We innoculated them in exchange for a coat hanger and bobby pins to mend the GT.

With the GT mended, we embarked on a perilous journey to Terminus. Much to our surprise we found a Base Camp established which we can only assume was a FEMA research team..or a documentary film crew.

It was at this point that our serum wore off and the Orr’s attacked…

Again we fended them off and administered more serum…we really need to come up with a longer lasting formula.

Departing Terminus we headed South to Senoia in hopes of reaching Rick’s group and extracting them back to our safe zone in Atlanta.

Sadly, Alexandria was abandoned, and Woodbury was overrun with horror of horrors…retail shopping!

Biohazard Research Team

While partaking in some much needed food, a lone survivor of the Southside research team stumbled in, haggard and worn. Tom Freeman regaled his own tales of horror. He thought we had succumbed to the Zombie hoards when we did not show at the appointed times. We explained our travails in our journey South, and he sympathized when we said we must return north. He doubted that Rick and his team could be saved. We bid him adieu, consulted the local Zombie relics archive and continued on our quest.

Departing the Zombie Archives we made our way to Harralson the site of Rick’s meeting with The Governor. We thought perhaps there might be some clue as to the direction Rick’s party went if we traced our way back to them.

Arriving in Harralson, we spied the Esco Feed Mill.

Again, there was no-one to be found.

Due to the military EMP deployed in Atlanta during the outbreak, only older cars function. Thankfully our club specialized in them.

We swung past the base camp at Elder’s Mill enroute to Sharpsburg.

We determined that this area had been abandoned and headed on to Sharpsburg. Clark and Tisha scoured the area where Maggie and Glenn had been. Steve’s Pharmacy and Hershel’s Saloon.

All we found was blood on the floor of the Saloon.

This was deemed a bad omen, so we headed on to Campbelton enroute back to Atlanta. Some team members broke off to make one last ditch attempt to possibly spot Rick’s team along I-85N. I headed the remainder past the Texaco station where Rick was spotted.

Alas, he was not to be found though we did see more Zombies along the way. Arriving back at Shawn’s reports began coming in that everyone had arrived back in the safe zone. While we did not lose anyone, we found no additional survivors aside from Tom. Tom did provide us with a couple of pictures of the group that we missed. Maybe on the next run??? To be continued…

Original Announcement

The Driving Dead

This Weekend Oct. 22nd!!!


Now is the time. RSVP for this weekends (Oct. 22) event: The Driving Dead.

The Driving Dead is a celebration of the hit AMC TV series The Walking Dead. This is a drive for the serious Walking Dead fan. We will be touring over a dozen actual set locations from the TV series. We will stop at several locations for picture opportunities and in Senoia we will visit the AMC Walking Dead Museum and have lunch on main street (Also known as Woodbury in the TV series). We will visit several points south of Atlanta that make their appearance. One is an antique shop in real life so really there is something for everyone. If you are on the Southside and have no desire to check out the Atlanta sites, you can meet up with us near the intersection of I-85 South and GA-74(Senoia Road) which is where the better driving parts of the route begins. Just watch for Triumphs and file in with us. We will slow if we see you and allow you to catch up with us. There are many stoplights in that area so it shouldn’t be an issue.

We will depart at 10:00 AM and return around 5:00PM. It’s a long drive so ensure your car is in top shape, not to mention there are places you certainly won’t want to break down….cue Walking Dead music.

Please RSVP so I know how many sets of drivers aids to print. This drive is ON as I have RSVP’s for it already. Check your email or contact a board member for start location details.