On November 22nd the GTA met at Earl Ferguson’s garage to assist Earl in getting his Triumph TR2 back on the road. Earl has owned his car for many years and used to race it back in the 60’s. Like many of us Earl had good intentions disassembling his ride for a total rebuild but like most of us life got in the way and his TR2 project has languished. With RSVP’s for the Ye Olde Shortcut drive at virtually zero, I offered to Earl that instead of running the drive why don’t we help him tackle another issue with his TR2. You might recall that we had a tech session at Earl’s a few months back where we pitched in to work on the rear end. Well this go around we tackled the front suspension which I found to be rather fun because I had not had the opportunity to work on a very early  trunnion based suspension. For me understanding the engineering design is more fascinating than the actual wrenching although there is something to seeing the fruits of your labor in a job well done. So with my daughters help finding bolts for Earl and fetching tools for Shawn and I, we all dug into reassembling the front suspension. Earl had all the bits we needed sans some rubber seals which apparently were the wrong bits shipped for a later model TR2. They had only minimal impact on our progress however. All in we spent about 4 hours wrenching and by the end we nearly had a complete front end. I am thinking another session or two and Earl will have a rolling chassis. If you think you need a hand with getting your ride kick started, or are just looking for some motivation. Maybe a tech session should be in your future? Contact president@gatriumph.com and schedule one.