On Saturday, September 27th the GTA drove to North GA to the historic Swan Drive-In. Three Triumphs departed Atlanta from the Starbucks at Hwy 9 and Mansell at 2:00.

Departing about an hour later we headed on to Blairsville. Vic in his Spitfire decided to head on back to Atlanta as his Spit was suffering with Lord Lucas maladies, leaving two Triumphs for the drive on to Blairsville. I personally do not recall ever having driven from Wolf Mountain north to Blairsville but wow, what a drive. At some point I need to invest in a GoPro so that we can upload these drives to our website, simply amazing and the day stayed beautiful throughout. After checking into the hotel, we headed on to Blue Ridge where we grabbed some KFC and headed on to the drive-in.

The movie Box Trolls was actually quite enjoyable. We all had our doubts at the start as it was sort of bizarre, but as it progressed and we figured out what was going on, the show redeemed itself in the end and was quite enjoyable. Regrettably I could not stay for the second feature and departed back to Atlanta. I am sorry if you missed out on this years Drive-In. Keep it in mind next year and find the time to go, the movie is only a small part of the enjoyment.

Top Ten Things Overheard On the Drive
10. This purse is cursed, it’s the second time it’s been lost.
9. A stack of thingies and some gears.
8. I was almost run over by a Jeep.
7. At least you didn’t break the key off in the ignition…
6. 100 miles, $100 in fuel…What?
5. Get that woman another drink.
4. Is this the movie?
3. Why is the wheel shaking?… It’s scared.
2. Crossing the yellow line is the limit…Well it’s nice to know there are some.
1. I drink the first glass for medicinal purposes, the rest are for the witty comments.