The first match of 2015 was held at Churchill’s British Pub last night with 9 club members in attendance. The match consisted of one round of 301 with seven members competing as follows:  Ashford Little finishing first, Jim Orr (2nd), Toby Holden (3rd), John Henard (4th), Tony Graham (5th), Joe Earnest (6th) and Shawn Tarleton (7th).. Earl Ferguson was officiating while Jeff Rountree was innocent bystander if you can believe that.

Triumphs present included Jim Orr driving Sue Hurst’s TR4, Tony Graham (Stag), Joe Earnest (Stag), Shawn Tarleton TR6.  Driving a Triumph to a match earns players a one point deduction.  The final point standings for the evening were as follows:  Ashford Little 1, Jim Orr 1, Toby Holden 3, John Henard 4, Tony Graham 4, Joe Earnest, 5, Shawn Tarleton 6.

Match number 2 will be held at Mazzy’s Marietta, 2217 Roswell Rd NE
Marietta, GA 30062
 on January 29th.  Darts fly at 7:30.  Come join the fun!  Players get to drop their lowest score, so it is not too late to join the action.  If you’d rather not throw darts, come out and visit with us, grab a bite to eat and a cold beverage.
I hope to see you there!