I am very late writing this this month so it will be a short one. It may be so late it will not be read until next month. So, let me just give you a few tips instead of writing in length about something.

Atlanta Auto Salon sent me this one: to clean animal hair off of your upholstery, lightly rub it with a pumas stone, the same type people use to rub dead skin off their feet. It seems to collect a lot of the hair for some unknown reason.

If you need to replace your brake light switch and it is a pressurized one, have someone slowly press down on the pedal as you unscrew the bad switch. Make sure they hold the pedal down all the way until you have fully tightened the replacement and you will lose almost no fluid and let no air into the system, no bleeding required.

If you car’s idle is erratic, squirt around the intake gasket and the carbs with Gumout carb cleaner and listen for an idle speed change. Go slow and you will be able to find the exact location of the leak.

If you have a British car with an alternator and it takes a few seconds for it to stop when you turn the key off, try unplugging your alternator and see if it stops quicker. There could be a bad diode inside.

Watch your ignition light every time you turn your key on. If it fails to light you may not have a bad alternator, it may just be a burned out bulb. They are getting quite old by now. If the light does not come on, then the charging system will not put out any current to the battery. It may be a bad bulb and not a bad alternator.

Do you get a gear shift rattle in your car. MGBs have a plastic bushing that disappears and is easy to replace from inside the car. Triumphs, TR3-6, have an anti rattle pin and spring. It is a little harder to replace but can be done from inside also.

Triumphs can sometimes be hard to shift, try lubricating the shift lever cap inside the car. You may be able to snake the tube from a can of WD40 past the boot and spray a bit. It does not take much. If this helps, remove the boot and use some grease.

If your car has rear leaf springs and you notice a slight direction change in the car when you accelerate hard or back off quickly, tighten the u-bolts holding the differential to the springs. This will help. If it is excessive, you may need to replace the mounting bushings. TR7s with this “torque steer” need new trailing arm bushings.

Why do they call a rod trailing if it is in front of the differential? Because the diff. unit trails the rod. It is the same in all suspension geometry. A leading arm in the front suspension is behind the centerline of the wheel and goes back to the chassis.

If you have a TR4-6, put in a safety hood release. If your cable ever breaks, you will be very glad. It is almost impossible to open a TR6 hood when the cable is broken.

MGB trunks can be opened when the inside latch release bracket falls inside the trunk. You will have to bring it in as it is very complicated on what you have to do but it does not ruin you trunk or latch assembly.

OK, I said I was going to keep this short. See yall somewhere soon.

Barry Rosenberg