Staaaggg…I drive a Staaaggg, and other musings from the president.

April was a powerhouse of activities and May looks to be a nice follow on. We opened up the month with the continuation of the GTA dart tournament on April 1st at Mazzy’s Sports Bar in Norcoss with the final game being played at Joe Earnest’s garage on the 16th. The overall winner of the inaugural games was appropriately our resident Englishman, Tobias Holden. Toby dominated throughout the competition with his ability to hit double 1’s. Congrats to Toby.

This quarter’s general business meeting was held at Mazzy’s Norcross as well. This venue was discovered during the dart tournament and everyone that attended agreed that it was a fine facility. We had our own room and a dedicated wait staff that provided improved service over our previous location and I think somewhat better food. As always we are looking for places to hold our meetings to keep the venue fresh and the location moving about so as to better service our membership by bringing a meeting near you. Keep an eye on the club calendar for locations and venues and we will also send out emails leading up to the next general business meeting in August.

The Walter Mitty took place this past weekend and regretfully I was unable to attend due to prior commitments. There was also the Summit Racing Equipment Show at AMS, Brits on the Bay in Pensacola, Cruisin’ for Cats Show and Shine and the Georgia Strawberry Festival shows. Look for information from those who attended to appear on the website as information trickles in. The GTA sponsored Poole’s Mill Run took place on April 12th and a writeup can be found on the club website. The Chris Gore was unfortunately poorly attended by GTA this year, in fact it was keenly absent with only the club VP Vic Richardson in his Spitfire showing for the event. I myself was out of the country so like most events with low turnout it would seem that everyone had a reason for not going. Not being able to go was a definite low point for me since I have been to every Gore run since the Stag’s restoration. Sometimes though you just can’t do what you want.

Presently on the website homepage is a call for interest in the upcoming Atlanta High Museum of Art exhibit, Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas. The exhibit will showcase some of the most unusual and beautiful automotive prototypes ever constructed. The exhibit will run from May 21st to September 7th. Ideally this is an item for a hot summer month where we can be indoors so it will likely be a July/August event. The GTA is going to pay for children 14 and younger so bring the kids for a family oriented event and help drive their love of motoring which is the lifeblood of our hobby. I will post a date and send out emails as the finalized date approaches.

Speaking of the website, one change is going to be implemented soon and that is the homepage will no longer be showcasing past events but rather events that are coming up. Past events as always can still be found under the ‘GTA Blogs’ menu item number 4. I am pleased with the growing amount of materials we are accumulating on the website but there is more coming. Take a stop in on your iPad, PC or phone, new material is appearing regularly.

Next month we have a number of activities. Most anticipated is probably British Car Day being held in Roswell on Sunday May 4th. If you’ve been out of the loop for awhile, BCD moved from Berry College to Roswell, GA last year. This year it is moving from Saturday to Sunday. I’m sure not everyone is keen on the move but due to issues with Roswell and the BCD planning committee it had to be moved. Entry fee is $20 at the event and registration opens at 9:30. GTA will be serving BBQ for members and prospective members.

On May 10th, Mother’s Day weekend we have the Wild Willy Run. We will be leaving out of the usual location Starbuck’s and Hwy 9 at 2:00. The Willy’s Run takes a few hours and we end up in Jasper GA at the Woodbridge Inn for dinner and an overnight. If you’ve never been to the Woodbridge for dinner, it will be a great Mother’s day treat.

The May Social Gathering has not yet been determined. Preliminary thought is it will be taking place at Skip Smith’s Classic Autosmith garage. Food, cars and camaraderie. Check the GTA calendar for other miscellaneous shows and events as we are constantly receiving new event notices.

I know it is tough to stay active in our hobby with so many things pulling us in different directions, but take some time out if you can and squeeze in a drive or social night. You will benefit and so will your car. To quote Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

Let’s keep moving!

-Tony Graham