Staaaggg…I drive a Staaaggg, and other musings from the president.

I hope everyone survived the Arctic Blast of 2014. I know there were some exciting times to be had. I ended up logjammed in my office until 11:30pm because there was no way to even get out of the office. Some that had attempted to leave at 2:00 were back in the office by 6:00 stating they never made it to GA 400. Eventually the road cleared and I made an effort to get home. The roads were complete ice by then but I managed using my 4WD Yukon.

As far as club news goes, our first GTA social was held on the 18th, just a short few days after the arctic blast. Weather was decent by then for a drive up to Duluth and about a dozen members made the trek for a little camaraderie and darts. The GTA calendar is filling up which is nice to see. We have no less than 4 GTA sponsored events coming up in March alone and March isn’t even the peak driving season. Keep an eye on the calendar because by the time you read this, the Chili Cookoff will be over!

You may have noticed changes on the website as well. Toby Holden has given it the once over and updated our membership software, and in record time I might add so special thanks to Toby. We are still working through some details on the site, but I think it has a pleasing appearance and we hope to add some additional functions. As always your feedback is important in driving the direction and content of this resource.

I have not received any interest regarding the Photographer position and yet again we have had an event with not a single photo being taken. I know most of you can’t be bothered but honestly, if we are working to host these events, develop websites, newsletters, plan drives, maintain a calendar of events and co-ordinate membership functions isn’t there one person that can step up and take pictures? I find that to be disappointing. So I will ask again for someone to shoot me an email and say, “Yes I’d like to be an official GTA photographer and co-ordinate with others to ensure pictures of our club events survive for posterity.”

As I mentioned in my last article, Anne Burke is retiring from her role as newsletter editor as well. At present we have no replacement and using history as our guide, we won’t have a replacement. Our intent is to keep producing the former newsletter content but make it available via Blog format which is easier to lay out, requires less time investment and can be added to and edited ‘on the fly’ by various contributors, myself included. It eliminates some of the double duty where website and newsletter overlap. Our advertisers will be covered with equivalent if not additional advertising. The fact is, that we have fewer people participating at the officer and board level and it is unfortunately a downward trend. We are, in fact, violating the by-laws at present because there is a clause that no officer may hold more than one position. We have no membership director, no regalia officer, no photographer and as of June no newsletter editor. These are just facts. Without people to continue these functions we have no choice but to consolidate and reduce the workload. So if you want a pdf style newsletter there has to be someone to make it. As the former newsletter editor I can tell you it is time consuming work and both Anne and I feel that a great deal of the content is now duplicated elsewhere. If the new format doesn’t work, we will of course entertain bringing the newsletter back, but it doesn’t solve the issue of who will produce it.

With the ugliness aside, what is coming up? Well, as of the writing of this letter, we have the GTA Chili Cookoff on the 1st, the continuing GTA Dart Tournament on the 4th, Wolf Mountain Winery drive on the 15th, GTA Bowling for the next social on the 18th and those are just GTA events! At last count there were 3 car shows also available: GA Tech on the 28th, the new Alpharetta BCD on the 29th as well as a show in Ackworth on the 29th. In theory, one could hit Alpharetta in the AM and Acworth in the PM. Lots of things to do, places to go and people to see!

Let’s keep moving!