Staaaggg…I drive a Staaaggg, and other musings from the president.tony

As time moves on, and as I get older, things become more self evident. Spring brings with it renewal and new life. What was hidden during the winter is now revealed. So what was revealed to us this spring? I think we can look back at the first quarter as a time of rebirth and renewal, our club is undergoing a transformative phase. I am seeing excitement again in the membership and I have witnessed a great outpouring of affection towards new members and also for those that have now passed. A warm thank you for everyone that attended Susan Ferguson’s funeral. I know I felt a certain special feeling seeing our club members gathered in the sanctuary and I know that Earl appreciated everyone and in particular being impressed by the number of cars that had turned out.

So where else did I see encouraging signs? Well I met some longtime members at the Autosmith Classic Garage night that had shown up simply because it was in Marietta. I was thanked by those members for creating an event in their area AND for sending out the last minute notification so that they could attend. Well I can’t take credit for arranging the event, that falls on Peter Cronin, so a big thanks to Peter. A great event! As for the longtime members that made it, I apparently had ‘just caught them’ as they just happened to check their emails that evening. All I can say is, that’s the way it’s supposed to happen! Granted we like to send out many notices in hopes that through some form of communication we can connect with members but it’s not always possible, but it is great when it is. We have had challenges with our membership software, not sending out notices, sending them to partial lists of members, sending them out the day after the event etc. I do apologize if you have been affected in some way by our errant systems.

Toby promises me that things are on the mend, and as I sent our the Acworth notice I would say he is correct. Let’s hope it stays ‘mended’. Who else did I meet at the Autosmith event? Well some of our newest members, Martin and Kay Wilson and Clay Robertson. Been a long while since I’ve seen some members as fired up as these folks. Martin and Kay drove clear down from Buford for the event in Martin’s hopped up TR6. What a beast! Martin and Kay are looking to get out on the road, and so am I so hopefully we can get Wild Willy rolling this month after the abysmal failure on Mother’s Day weekend. Clay was busy asking questions and Martin was only too happy to talk and answer questions. We need to get some more ladies out for these socials so Kay doesn’t get bored!

There’s not a writeup on the Autosmith garage night to my knowledge at the time of this writing. My work has me dedicating far too much time away from club duties but I hope to produce something in the near term about it. I also want to create a demo page of what individual members can do with a login to our WordPress site. Ever wanted to have a page dedicated to your ride? Well your GTA membership can help with that! I’ll let you know when I get a sample set up.

What have I been doing with my Lotus? Well, the camshaft and engine are off to the machinists. Camshaft is in California getting a regrind and the engine is in Acworth at Goza’s. Goza was recommended to me by a certain Barry Rosenberg, so I am confident in their capabilities. The Renault engine in the Lotus is a peculiar beast, all aluminum with wet liners. One issue I uncovered during teardown is a cracked liner. Explained some of the weeping of coolant into the oil. There was never any ‘chocolate milk’ in the oil, but if it sat for a period of time and you drained the oil you would get water first, normally about a half cup. So that will get sorted. The camshaft may have been a casualty of this condition. I assume it existed prior to getting parked in the barn and as a result some water in the camshaft area attacked the cam. The rust pitting was epic and as replacements are unobtanium (being specific to Lotus), I sought out a specialist to repair it. D. Elgin Cams in California has taken on the task of welding and regrinding it.

There also hasn’t been any coverage of British Car Day to date, not sure if Anne has anything planned in this newsletter, but I personally do not have any photos to even prepare a writeup. If anyone has any photos they would like to share please send them to me or Anne and I’ll be sure to get something written up about it. As I have mentioned before we desperately NEED a club photographer! We are losing valuable event happenings due to this shortcoming. So if you are an active member or want to be more active please step up and help the club by taking pics. Also, the show awards information has been processed and we are in the process of having them made. You should be able to pick up your award at the August general business meeting or barring that we will mail them to you. If you can make it to the meeting, I urge you to get it there and avoid any potential for damage during shipping. Plus we’ll give you another round of applause.

Hope to see you at a drive soon.

Tony Graham
GTA President 2014