Staaaggg…I drive a Staaaggg, and other musings from the president.

First I would like to thank all of the welcoming club members that attended my first meeting as club President/Director. Everyone seemed to have a good time even though we discussed some very serious topics surrounding the future of the club which I alluded to in the last newsletter.

Our board is understaffed but at present we are making it work. We have a vacancy in the membership director office which is, I think, going on 3 years running now. Honestly I think the membership office could be rolled into the Treasury position due to the way Treasury interacts with membership renewals anyway, but that’s for another time and another meeting. I believe we should add a Photographer
position which I think could probably be one of the most important and potentially fun positions that we can offer, especially if you are the “Photog” type. The Office of Photography would consist of minimum one, hopefully more, people that could agree to attend all club events and to take quality photos. Not blurry, hey I brought my smartphone and here’s what I got pics. Our club is about our events, our cars and our people. If we can’t look back on them in high res, beautifully framed photos, it doesn’t affect us just now, but for future generations. We need to solve this problem before we get into a heavy number of events, so please, and I am begging here, can a couple of people shoot me an email and say, “Yes I’d like to be an official GTA photographer and co-ordinate with others to ensure pictures of our club events survive for posterity.” Without pics, in this day and age, it didn’t happen.

So far in first quarter we are off to a slow start, mostly we are still getting our ducks in a row. David Burke has retired as our silent suffering webmaster. We wish David well in his new job and thank him for all of his efforts. Taking his place is our returning webmaster Tobias Holden. Toby has been assessing the technologies that we have in place determining what still works and where technology has moved on. I have related to Toby some of my ideas and he has returned with a list of things that he feels may meet those requirements. It will likely be awhile before we start seeing any changes based on discussions and testing but they are coming. I’ll be sure to keep everyone abreast as things start changing and how you can expect to enjoy them.

Anne Burke is interested in reducing her role as newsletter editor as well. I have asked Anne to sit tight for a month or so while we get our new web presence online. Part of the website redux will be altering the layout to have a more ‘blog’ feel to it. This format will allow officers and club members to produce columns and add/edit/delete them as time and data allows reducing, if not outright eliminating, the newsletter position. It will be a departure from what we know with benefits including data that can be added and changed dynamically as opposed to once a month. Column subscriptions and notifications, historical data and search ability. Paid newsletter advertisers will benefit by more pervasive ad placement. Toby is hard at work on prototypes for the new site and I am excited about its new capabilities while bringing us a modern look and feel. Keep an eye out for last minute event notices, I know Jeff Rountree is working with Nelson on event scheduling and both have been pressed for time resulting in less timely than normal calendar updates.

Just coming off a big event like the Polar Bear, there is always a bit of a lull, but the Chilli Cookoff is coming so get out those soup pots and start practicing your favorite version!

Don’t forget the GTA’s first monthly social gathering at Tony’s on February 18th! Details in this issue of the newsletter as well as the club calendar at

Let’s keep moving!

-Tony Graham