Well July has come and gone and the summer months are well on their way to a close. It’s Back to School time and with it the dog days of summer. I have to admit July was a little disappointing in Triumph land. We had two events scheduled but only one happened and the turnout was light. I guess it’s to be expected given that most folks are in the throws of family vacations and travel. The Ice Cream social was a nice reason to get out your Triumph and Peter Cronin said that those who came had a good time. The High Museum of Art tour was cancelled due to no interest, or no time on the part of membership as the case may be. I didn’t hear a lot of input as to why people may or may not have wanted to go. Frankly it was simply deafening silence. In any case, we move on into August and we have a few events scheduled at this time. I have the garage night scheduled at my place on the 16th, Jim Orr is planning his annual Chunky Dunk on the 23rd and we have a general business meeting slated for the 26th.

What is the Chunky Dunk? Think of it as summer camp for adults. Everyone hangs out on the lake, a little boating, a little swimming, food and fun. It starts out with a drive starting somewhere in Atlanta, winds up through Toccoa, stop off for a little lunch at Shirley’s Soul Food and finally arriving at Jim’s for festivities. It’s like a garage night but it’s an over-night with water features.

The business meeting is going to be in Marietta this time so if you haven’t been coming because you don’t want to fight traffic at 6:00, fear not we are in your neck of the woods. Come on by and pick up your British Car Day awards if you were fortunate enough to place and win a trophy!

I know everyone is busy, but if you don’t stop and drive your Triumph once in awhile, you’re not gonna be a happy person.

Tony Graham, GTA President 2014

Triumph, It’s what’s inside.