Staaaggg…I drive a Staaaggg, and other musings from the president.

As we roll into April, we leave our wake on the month of March. What an event filled month it’s been. We saw the Chilli Cookoff on the 1st and we said goodbye to our dear club members Hermann and Jeri Schaller. Their absence will be keenly felt over the coming year. Hermann tells me that they are getting settled down in Florida and he has indeed sold his Triumph Roadster. He also assures me that he will write us an article about his escapades during the move and the sale of his car and home. Good luck to Hermann and Jeri in retirement!

The Arctic Blasts of 2014 have been ever present and it looked to pose a problem for the Wolf Mountain Winery run, but through fate and good fortune the winery run was not rained out nor freezing. In fact, it was quite the opposite. There was a good turnout for this event and there is a writeup with many pictures available on

If you haven’t been visiting the website recently it has started to become a very dynamic hub of information. News and Events are appearing with regularity now. The calendar is a go to item for me and it has new events added almost daily. As information flows into my inbox I make sure that it goes on the website if it looks even remotely interesting, or if it may be in a geographically under-served area where maybe GTA members don’t get to participate as much as they would like. Look, if you are in one of those areas and we post an event to the calendar and you think, “Hey, I’d like to go to this.” drop me a line at and I will put out a call for members to participate with you. Don’t believe it? Well this past weekend we did just that. A new member Peter Weimer dropped me a note about the Acworth show and I was able to round up 5 members and their cars to go to Acworth to meet up with Peter. The club is about community and hanging out with friends. Sometimes you just have to ask. I know I sit around bored on some weekends, tired of wrenching and would just like to go for a drive or hang out at a show. If you check our calendar, and I encourage you to do so, there are a lot of general car shows but they may appear in areas that might be near you. If you get a group of cars together it becomes less intimidating sitting amongst a bunch of American iron. The Acworth venue was amazing and you can read about it on

The GTA Dart tournament continues to make its rounds around the city and while we aren’t getting a great deal of folks to come and watch, the competition is fierce. Come on out for some food and drink and watch us try to hit the dart board. It is pretty comical and a lot of fun.

Our social gathering for the month was at BowlMor lanes where the GTA booked two lanes for the night for all comers. We had a good turnout for the event even by those that did not, or could not, participate in the bowling. By all accounts it was a great success and you can read about it in detail elsewhere in the newsletter.

As I mentioned in my last article, Anne Burke is retiring from her role as newsletter editor. This issue of the newsletter is part of the transition to our online format so you will notice articles that appear in part in the newsletter but redirect you to the website for full details. The articles that were chosen to go online for this issue of the newsletter were heavy on photography. These articles allow us to showcase the capabilities of the website and its ability to allow you, the members, to get the highest possible resolution of photos available.It is also why we need a proper GTA photographer. You will notice some pics are not as good as others because they were simply grabbed by random members at the event. We are grateful for ANY pictures, but you can see where a person dedicated to the cause would come in handy.

Wow, it’s been a busy month. Let’s keep the momentum up for April and don’t forget we have an actual business meeting coming up on the 15th. There will not be a ‘GTA social gathering’ outside of the business meeting. Big events for this month, Chris Gore Mountain Tour April 5, Poole’s Mill Run April 12th and Walter Mitty 24th-27th.

Let’s keep moving!

-Tony Graham