Greetings GTA!

Yes, I know it used to be the Presidential Blog, but Drivel is more my style and it has the word Drive in it.  Which is the number one goal of most things GTA in my opinion.  I look forward to a year of activities that will encourage driving our Triumphs and aid members in getting their cars back on the road where they belong.

Our first drive of 2015 was ironically the 2014 Polar Bear Run which took place last Saturday January 3rd.  The weather the preceding week was horrible, the outlook for Saturday was equally bad, but with the input of several club members and attendees from North Carolina, we forged ahead with the event.  There were 35 cars in attendance, with more Triumphs than any other marque taking part in the drive.  I was most impressed by the attitude of the crew from the British Car Club of Western North Carolina as they brought a Porsche 911, Maserati and an MGB into town on Friday night, drove the PBR, stayed the night and drove back on Sunday – mostly in the rain.  To quote Jamie Hafner who drove the MBG, “Unless the event is cancelled by your folks, John and I plan to be there, at the appointed place and time, to join the queue, thus demonstrating that our judgement is not clouded by unnecessary clear thinking.”   You gotta love that kind of spirit!  They would like to join the GTA in an event later this year – perhaps the Hendersonville show?  We shall see!

ALS of Georgia was the beneficiary of the PBRun and I will update you with a total donated as soon as I find out how we did.  I always think of Sue Ferguson when I participate in any GTA event.  She is missed and it is an honor to dedicate the PBR to her memory by donating to ALS of Georgia.

Speaking of driving our cars, I know that it is tough to get them out during the winter, which is why the GTA Dart league scores are partly determined by driving your Triumph to the matches.  I invite any who want to join the dart league to join us at

Churchill’s British Pub onThursday January 15th 7 PM
3223 Cains Hill Place, Atlanta, Georgia 30305
Darts fly at 7:30
Players are scored in sequence of zeroing out in a game of 301 less one point if the player drives his or her Triumph.  (I neglected to mention that each player’s lowest score will be dropped, so if you miss a match, it doesn’t hurt you too badly… unless you are tied with another player at the end of the 5 match series when the tie breaker head to head record kicks in.)  Join us, it’s a lot of fun!
The VERY next night January 16th is a GARAGE Night at Mike and Sue Hurst’s house – a great opportunity to wrench on your car or just have some pizza and play some pool at the Hurst’s house for a garage night.  If you have a part you need help with, or if you just want to fine tune your car, this is a good opportunity to get some help. Otherwise, bring your beverage, enjoy pizza and  friends.
The monthly meetings are the THIRD Tuesday of every month with Odd months being at Mazzy’s Norcross; EVEN months at Mazzy’s Marietta.  Our next meeting is Tuesday Jan 20th at Mazzy’s Norcross where we will work on the 2015 Calendar of events.  Bring your ideas, we’ll start marking up a calendar and making plans on Tuesday night!
….and by all means, drive your Triumphs!  Invite anybody that you see with a Triumph to join us.  I look forward to seeing you this month at one or more events!