A small group of GTA members met up at the Starbuck’s on Hwy 9 and Mansell on Saturday April 12 at 1:00 for a short drive to Poole’s Mill in North Forsyth.

Oppedisanos, Hursts, Grahams, Shawn and Sheila set off on a route penned by yours truly, assembled on Thursday, tested on Friday and driven on Saturday.

Good news, the drive was beautiful and the weather was outstanding. So we may not have beaten the pollen blast but it wasn’t in full effect quite yet.

Upon arriving at the mill we ventured out into the falls and talked about the drive and the lack of participants, but came away with some beautiful scenery emblazoned in our minds.

It was a very peaceful time with the sounds of children playing in the cool running mountain stream and a light breeze swept away the cares of the big city, if only for a little while.