The first spring drive of the GTA was a great time with members of the AROC Atlanta Chapter.

Though there was a slight threat of afternoon rain, the day turned out to be perfect for a drive through North Georgia and the rain never came as you can see from the photos.

We gathered at our usual Starbucks Mansell road parking lot in Roswell and enjoyed watching the cars roll in. We had 10 Triumphs and 11 Alfa’s along for the ride with a thoughtful visit from an original AC Cobra at the start. After a quick driver’s meeting lead by Rick Andreoli of the Alfa Club, we were off and running. Well with the exception of one brown Stag with a vapor lock issue, but that was quickly resolved and we were on our way.

The first part of the drive was Mike Hurst’s route to Wolf Mountain Winery with the ending edited by the Alfa Club to take us over to the Italian themed Montaluce winery. This shortened the drive by about 15 miles and gave us plenty of time for a long rest stop and tire kicking along the way. It was great looking at the wonderful examples of Alfa Romeos and getting to know their owners. It was also wonderful to see some Triumphs that I had not seen before. One red 1500 Spit driven by Malcolm and Sandy Cox was a welcome site. The car was in great shape and listening to the exhaust notes of Malcolm’s car and Vic Richardson’s car at each turn was a real treat for my ears.

The Montaluce Winery was very nice and everyone seemed pleased with the wine and the food. I felt that the service was great given our party of 39! The dining room was well appointed and there were at least 2 bridal parties at lunch that day adding to the ambiance and scenery.
I was able to dine with a table full of Alfa Club members and it was wonderful hearing how they migrated toward the Alfa Romeo mark. Several like me, are descendants of Italian Immigrants and their choice of collector cars was a way to celebrate their heritage. I nearly bought one myself before I selected a 76 TR6 back in 2006. It’s nice to know that had I gone that route, there is a great club, much like the GTA that would have been there to assist and support my hobby.

The AROC Atlanta Chapter has invited all GTA members to join them on their overnight Spring drive in Highlands over Memorial Day weekend. The route and the planed activities promise to be top notch. I encourage GTA members to join them – they’re a great group of car enthusiasts. I hope to do more joint drives with the Alfa Club in the future.

March 21, 2015