The Fire Brigade Tour Postponed due to inclement weather.

Monthly Meetings

The monthly meetings are the THIRD Tuesday of every month with Odd months being at Mazzy’s Norcross; EVEN months at Mazzy’s Marietta. Our next meeting is Tuesday March 15th at Mazzy’s Norcross where we will review the 2016 Calendar of events.

GTA Chili Cook-off

The annual GTA chili cook-off was a fabulous and spicy affair, hosted by Ashford and Catherine Little on February 13th. The Little’s kitchen was filled with crock pots, fixin’s and mouth-watering aromas. Libations were chilled to counter some of the red hot chilies. The rotating trophy was decided by secret ballot thrown by all attendees, counted, verified and certified by independent representatives, Ashford Little and Andi Rountree

First Place went to our host Ashford Little
Second Place was Andi and Jeff Rountree
Third Place went to Joe Garcia and his wife.



Match 2 results were:
Tobias Holden – 0 pts (Triumph)
John Henard – 2 pts
Tony Graham – 3 pts (Triumph)
Frank Polack (Triumph)

Match 3 results were:
Jim Orr – 1 pt
Shawn Tarleton – 1 pt (Triumph)
Earl Ferguson – 3 pts
Tony Graham – 3 pts (Triumph)
Tobias Holden – 4 pts (Triumph)
Ashford Little – 6 pts

Match 4 will be played on March 10 at:
Mazzy’s Marietta
2217 Roswell Rd NE
Marietta, GA 30062

Match 5 will be played on March 24 at:
Mazzy’s Norcross
7160 Jimmy Carter Blvd
Norcross, GA 30092

Darts fly at 7:30 p.m.

Players are scored in sequence of zeroing out in a game of 301 less one point if the player drives his or her Triumph. Each player’s lowest score will be dropped, so if you miss a match, it doesn’t hurt you too badly… unless you are tied with another player at the end of the 5 match series when the tie breaker head to head record kicks in. Join us; it’s a lot of fun! The Champion Tankard is the rotating trophy and is filled at no cost once each match.