Southside Meeting

On June 1st there will be a meeting of the Southside Chapter of the GTA. Tom Freeman would like to see as many folks as possible to discuss events and brewery tour. We’ll be meeting at 7 at Partners Pizza II, 834 Glynn St S, Fayetteville, GA 30214. Call Tom at 678-725-4937 for more information.

Monthly Meetings

The monthly meetings are the THIRD Tuesday of every month with Odd months being at Mazzy’s Norcross; EVEN months at Keegan’s Irish Pub in Vinings. Our next meeting is Tuesday June 20th at Keegan’s Irish Pub in Vinings where we will review the past events and preview the upcoming events.

Riverside Military Academy Time Trials for Champions and Heroes

Gainsville, GA
June 2-4, 2017

Driver, Clock, 1 mile from start line to finish line against the clock. A competitive experience, A visual experience, An aural experience.

Riverside Military Academy Studies in Speed, Sport and Style for Champions and Heroes A juried Contest of Elegance for Champions and Heroes. Race Cars through 1974, Sporting Vehicles through 1974, Vehicles of Exceptional Style through 1974.

Riverside Military Academy High Jinks Rally for Champions and Heroes A three day competitive high jinks rally for a Driver and a Navigator. All vehicles through 1974 eligible with selected newer vehicles all on Application for Entry.

Vehicle: Any means in or by which someone travels or something is carried or conveyed, a means of conveyance or transport, a motor vehicle, a space vehicle, a boat or the like moving on wheels, runners, tracks, air, water or the like.

Presenting vehicles from days gone by and assembly line fresh from today.

All details and application form at

43rd Annual CRACKER FLY- IN at Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport

Join the GTA at the 43rd Annual Cracker Fly-In at Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport in Gainesville Saturday, July 9. The day starts at 7:30am with a pancake breakfast and fly-in. Aircraft trophies will be awarded in nine categories with WACO Biplane and Huey Helicopter rides, children’s activities and more. Tickets are $2 at the gate. Fly-In pilots and children under 12 are free.