It was fantastic to see so many Triumphs and so many marques at British Car Day last month. Shout outs to Ashford Little and Jim Orr for the preparation and organization of the event, to Sue Hurst for organizing lunch and the apparel. Vic Richardson, John Henard, Gail and Courtney Graham for jumping in wherever needed. Thank you to everyone for bringing their Triumphs into the sunlight. We hope to see everyone at the upcoming events.

BMCD Results
Best in Show Pam Quartarone – Spit 6
TR2/3 1st – Steve Barber, 2nd Joe Garcia, 3rd John Messore
TR4/250 1st – Wayne Patrick, 2nd Warren Watson, 3rd Andi Roundtree
TR6 early 1st – Jeff Roundtree, 2nd Ashford Little, 3rd Martin Wilson
TR6 late 1st – Marty Williamson, 2nd Chip Price, 3rd Shawn Tarleton
TR7/8 1st – Robert Banatry, 2nd Earl Ferguson, no 3rd
Spit/GT6 1st – Pam Quartarone, 2n Ken Mcclellon, 3rd Audra Larre
Staaaaag 1st and Last – Tobias Holden
Other 1st – Jim Orr, 2nd Peter Cronin, 3rd Joe Earnest

There were roughly 36 Triumphs in attendance.

Southside Meeting
On June 7th there will be a meeting of the Southside Chapter of the GTA. Tom Freeman would like to see as many folks as possible to start planning the summer drives and brewery tour. We’ll be meeting at 7 at Partners Pizza II, 834 Glynn St S, Fayetteville, GA 30214. Call Tom at 678-725-4937 for more information.

Monthly Meeting
This month we’re going back to Keegan’s Irish Pub in Vinings for our June meeting. We received a lot of good feedback and saw some new faces. Please join us.
4687 South Atlanta Road Suite 224, Smyrna, Georgia 30080

Drive your British Car Week is underway
I hope to see you on the roads.