On the 24th of June, a small group of members joined Earl Ferguson at his home to aid in the restoration and assembly of his Triumph TR2. Initially we had hoped to dig into it and assemble the suspension but as it turns out the paint that Earl and Nelson had applied the previous Saturday dried to a gloss finish as opposed to satin. Earl had not had the opportunity to obtain the correct paint from the supplier so we had to make due working on other side projects. A couple of projects were assembling the leaf springs, sanding and priming them. the other was sanding and priming the rear axle and diff. Tony Graham, Vic Richardson, Jeff Rountree, Nelson Berdecia, Toby Holden and Earl all joined in to tackle those projects. After a few hours of labor, and a little bit of musing about this and that, we broke off for some burgers and hot dogs. It was a nice to contribute to a project that had stalled due to Susan’s illness and to help get Earl begin the journey back on the road. Earl will need more help in the coming months so look for announcements on upcoming Garage Nights.

Tony Graham  – Triumph, It’s what’s inside.