On August 16th the GTA met at Ippolito’s Italian restaurant off Hwy9 and Windward for a nice dinner at 5:00pm. Yes it was certainly an early bird but with a large group it takes awhile to get food normally anyway. The food was very tasty indeed. A nice showing of Triumph’s turned out. Afterward we made a drive up to Poole’s Mill in the cool evening. It was a stunningly beautiful drive and excellent weather given that it was in the middle of August. After Poole’s Mill we drove to my home for a ‘garage night’. Now this wasn’t a ‘working’ garage night, it was a let’s hang out, shoot darts and talk about cars kinda night. Earl made the comment, “Well surely one of these cars needs to be worked on?” Of course, but this wasn’t the venue for that. All work and no play does after all make a dull boy. Everyone loved the venue and the format of the garage night, so much in fact it was unanimous that we need more of these.

Enjoy the pics, there weren’t many taken….we still need a club photographer!