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Present Listings:


I am interested in purchasing a Triumph GT6. I don’t have any pictures but just wanted to throw it out to the community to see if anyone was looking to sell. I’m honestly interested in any year/model but primarily looking for something in good condition that runs but just may need a little TLC to get it to be a really good looking and running GT6. I’m not looking for any rust bucket or major project car. Feel free to add my email in the contact section as well as my cell 404-819-8002.

If you have any other questions for me or need any more details, feel free to reach out anytime.



TR3 Parts for Sale

I have a few TR3 items for sale that I would like to list in the GTA website classifieds section.
  • TR3 Camshafts late 50s(?).  Qty-2. These appear to be in good condition and have been stored for over 40 years, when previous owner upgraded his engine to race specs. Use as is, or would be good candidates for regrind to your specs. $40.00 each.
  • TR3 Rocker shaft. Complete with rocker arms, springs, & pedestals. Stored in climate controlled conditions for over 40 years. $50.00
  • Aftermarket horn set. Purchased from Moss many years ago. Unused in box. (From Moss website – Fits MG TD-TF, MGA and Triumph TR2-3 and many British vehicles of the 1940s and 50s.) $40 for the pair.
Thank you.
Tom Horvat

Stag and TR6 Items

Items For Sale

LH inner fender / wheel arch closing panel, Moss part # 855-190. I bought it for a TR4a but Moss shows application as TR2 through TR6. As received condition, not installed or modified. Moss currently lists it at $509.95, club member price $325. Contact John Knight at

TR6 For Sale

With much sadness I must sell my TR-6 after owning it since 1976. It’s been a great car, and I love it so. I must, first, offer it to the group before I list it. It is red (painted only once) and has red-wall Michelin tires (even the spare) from the Coker Tire Co. No dents, new top , new black seats, and overdrive. Everything is original with low mileage. This car is a must see. Everything works and it runs great! I’m asking only 22k for it. I will pay a finders fee.

Please contact me at 678/793-5353

George Robinson

Tools Available

I have a few tools that i am ready to move on to someone else.  I thought someone in the club would need them.  I have a 30 Gallons compressor, timing light, RPM-Dwell gauge,torque wrench, and some misc tools.  I did not if someone in the club might have an interest.
Ray Sinclair

Spitfires & Parts for Sale

My name is Porter Smith, I have several triumph Spitfire cars and a lot of parts that I want to find a good home for.  I have parts from mk 1,2,3 and 1500 cars mostly dismantled, I have a ’70 mk3 with a good body but was a autocross car, motor is out, also have a ’69 mk3 complete car but is rusty and a lot of misc. parts accumulated from the last 40 years, they need a good home, most are out of the weather. If any of your members are interested please send me a reply through e-mail.



TR6 Transmissios for Sale

TR 6 transmissions .. Non Overdrive … Both were working when pulled out.  Trans numbers CD 5934 and CD 29128.  $250 each or become the TR6 trans guru and get both for $400.

Triumph Sports Owners Association grill badge.  Bought in 1994 for Kathys’ Stag.  Sat in the glove box and was never exposed to rain, sunshine or a zombie attack.  It has never been mounted.  $50.

I still have the GTA Denim jacket and the TR6 garage art parts….  Make me an offer.
Call Hugh -678-588-8141 if interested.  Located in Zebulon.

TR6 Trans 1.jpg

TR6 trans 2.jpg