Barnstormers Grill 2013

Thanks to Art Hays for organizing this great drive.

This drive started out at Turner Hill, Lithonia on a rather overcast and dismal morning which became clearer and brighter as each mile passed.

We had three cars – two spitfires and one interloper (a miata as our spitfire has a bad fuel leak). Not far into our trip, our little squadron had our first experience of something a little different – a round-about. Successfully negotiated, we continued on some decent back roads through the picturesque square in downtown McDonough, Locust Grove, Zebuloan to Williamson.

Further on in our drive, not long after we crossed over interstate 75, we had more fun as we began to catch up to a train going in our direction. It beat us to the first crossing and quickly pulled away whilst we were waiting for the crossing to clear. The second crossing was fast approaching and all three vehicles made it through before the train came. At that point our journey together ended as we went west and the train, south.

Our route took us through Zebulon, which seemed to be a pleasant, thriving city, which I would one day, like to go back to and explore. Just over 6 miles and an easy drive later, we reached our destination. Lunch was spent in excellent company with much conversation and on my part, some rather interesting beer
made from pumpkin, which I don’t think I’ll have again. In the same hanger as the Barnstormer Grill, there is a small. with some period planes, vehicles and
memorabilia. Candler Field Museum was established to recreated the old Atlanta airport as it existed in the 1920’s and 1930’s.