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A lot going on this year! Thought I’d drop a line and talk a bit about what’s been happening around town. First though I wanted to mention something that came across my desk this week that I have been aware of in passing but feel the need to present it to the readership. You may or may not know that the EPA is proposing legislation to outlaw converting street cars into race machines. Below is an excerpt from Vintage Motorsport eNewsletter ( I really cannot see this as anything good for our car hobby or for the future generations that will come after us. Not sure why the EPA is getting bent out of shape about car modifications with racing intent anyway. We all know the likelihood in the next 40 years is the majority of new cars will be electric, zero or near-zero emission cars. If you make cars tamper-proof the odds of old cars getting new life as EV’s also declines. It’s just bad.


Contact Your Representative About EPA Race Car Regulation
Washington, DC — We reported last month on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed new regulations that would prevent road-going vehicles from being converted into race cars. Five U.S. Representatives have introduced H.R. 4715, the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act of 2016 (RPM Act), to ensure that converting street vehicles to race cars used exclusively in competition does not violate the Clean Air Act.
If you’d like to contact your member of Congress and urge him/her to support the RPM Act, the Specialty Equipment Market Association has set up an online form at

On to more pleasant things. The Chris Gore Mountain tour was run this past weekend on April 2nd. There was a good showing albeit slightly down in numbers from previous years but that’s more of a reflection on our car hobby than anything else. Bart’s place made an excellent starting point.

Steve Cripps spoke at length about Chris regaling tales of drives long past and in general passing on the sentiment that he is sorely missed.

The GTA fielded a TR8 driven by Earl Ferguson, Ashford Little in his TR6, Shawn Tarleton in his TR6, Marty Grier in his TR4a.  My Stag was laid up with a bad wheel bearing so I brought the Mini.

The other event I recently attended was the Montaluce Vineyard run. The GTA fielded a number of cars for that event, TR6, Spitfire, 1 TR4a and 1 TR3. The Alfa club commented that more Alfa’s showed up at the Polar Bear run than Triumph’s (a GTA event), and yet more Triumph’s showed up than Alfa’s for the Montaluce run. It was a little exaggerated comment but it wasn’t far off the mark. A good time was had by all and we even swung by Chris Gore’s studio on the drive. I gave a quick blast of the horn to let Chris know we stopped by.

What’s going on with the cars? Well, as I mentioned earlier the Stag is laid up with a bad wheel bearing (actually arrived during my writing this column so should be back on the road shortly). I’ve been pressing hard to get the Europa in top shape for the Mitty so that is consuming the bulk of my work time. Speaking of the Mitty…got your tickets? Stay tuned more tales to come!
-Tony Graham
Triumph….It’s what’s inside.