On Saturday, a group of GTA members got together for another outing in Acworth. For those of you that have not been to a show in Acworth or even to Acworth, you would find the event to be somewhat like Norcross without the heavy concentration on British cars all for a paltry $2.00 ‘donation’ to park. With the large contingent we’ve been bringing we have been staking out our claim in this event which runs a few times a year. I wanted to take a moment to thank Clay, Tish, Marty and Karee for turning out and also thank all the long timers Ashford, Shawn, Jeff and Andi as well, we really did have a nice showing of cars on a day that most certainly had rain in its future.The GTA was also able to reach out to a prospective new member, a young college student who had only just bought his TR6 and was eager to show it. I spoke with him at length about the importance of club membership and being able to reach out and tap the local knowledge available to him, participating in club drives and the intangibles membership brings. If you haven’t taken in a show in awhile and think there is a general show in a nice venue, contact a board member or myself and let’s go investigate. The next Acworth show is October 25th.